Monday, October 22, 2012

Stocks vs bonds diverge some more...when will the madness stop?

Stocks are down 7 points from last nights close, and so are 10yr notes.  For reference, when stocks go down, UST are supposed to go UP.

I'm not sure when its going to happen, but there will be a day when buying the bottom of the bell curve in 10yr notes or 30yr bonds results in big bucks and no whammy.

On the market profile front, guess what price has reigned in the market again?  Thats right....132-03....big time.

I'm praying (again) for an overnight move to the bottom of the bell curve (hopefully before NY comes in) so that I can BUY IT.  I know that it would make sense for me to go short if i thought that mkt was going to trade down to the bottom of the profile...and then get long at the bottom of the profile....but i have almost zero confidence that it will...i just HOPE that it will.

govttrader out...

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