Thursday, October 25, 2012

Back to Micro Bonds- We hit the bottom of the weekly bell curve...BTFD

With 132-04 being the weekly mode..and yesterdays high of 132-16...lets do a little simple math.  16-4 = 12.  So, 132-04 - 12 = 131-24.  Where was the low his morning?  131-23+ before the Durable Goods number.  After the Durable Goods data (strong headline number - horrible internals, as the only strength was in a Boeing Aircraft order), the market dipped below the bottom of the bell curve (a gift) and has rebounded back inside up to 131-28 at present.  I'm expecting the weekly mode at 132-04 to reign in the market at some point today, so i like buying dips.

I'm still bearish on stocks (i'm selling ES @ 1417 if we see it), but this dip today in UST is a buy to me.  I'll bet that tomorrows GDP report will show the weakness that was hidden in today's Durable Goods internals.

govttrader out..

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