Friday, August 10, 2012

Did I say to buy bonds yesterday afternoon?...holy crap did you see that?

Its days like today where I feel like my talents are being wasted trading my own money (i made 12k from this trade so far, and i'm still long).  I'm not saying i'm god or anything...but did I just do a Babe Ruth and call my shot or what?  (forgive is 5am after all)

For those who don't know my background, I was a junior market maker / prop trader on a large US Treasury flow desk until recently.  After I was laid off, I was a little depressed, because not only would I no longer be sitting with my friends talking about the market every day (something i enjoyed), but I knew I wouldn't be able to take full advantage of this skill-set I've learned.  Sure, I can make a little money trading on my own, enough to make a living....but nothing close to what I would be able to bring down if I was managing money at an ibank or a hedge fund.  I tried starting my own fund, but there was so much competition for all the hedge fund seeders that nobody would take a second look at me.  I only have 5 years of trading experience, and I wasn't a desk head...I was just a lowly junior market maker. In a market where hedge fund seeders have former desk heads begging for start-up assets, I was a mosquito to be ignored.  I don't have the money to pay a 3rd party marketing firm to represent me (and i'm not sure it would make a difference anyway), and so i'm stuck in this little corner of the world trading my own money from home.  I think this blog is my way of calling out to the universe saying "here i am...somebody notice me please!!"  If I ever do make it to starting a fund with real assets (50-100mm would be nice?), this blog post will hopefully act as a reminder of where I came from.  I know this is what I was meant to do...and if i just keep on putting up solid numbers and trade ideas, somebody with pull will notice me, pluck me out of the crowd and say, "what are you doing over should be with us...the cool kids...come on"

I tried reaching out to all the popular hedge fund seeders...nobody returned my calls.  Trying to raise assets when you are a startup....and then getting depressing.

Ok, this has changed from a trading blog into a personal diary entry...end of moping session.  There will be other opportunities...i just need to keep on keep'in on.

govttrader out...


  1. i saw the call. it was a good one. i don't know your bankroll but it sounds like you have some room to support yourself, so take it easy and trade your own book for a while. I would think that there are major benefits to doing that versus working for someone else. Be patient and a good opportunity will come along with continued success. when you are looking to take on additional capital, you want to be in the driver's seat, not begging on your knees.

  2. I've been reading the books by Irvin Yalom recently (similar to HBO's "In Treatment"...damn i miss that show)...must have got me too "in touch" with my inner whining. But thanks for the comment...its nice to be appreciated

    1. i was laid off a couple years ago - very damaging emotionally. you'll be fine. just do a few more trades like this this year and you're well on your way. just don't blow up!